June 2, 2009 Justin

Well he’s coming back

So, apparently, when a drummer breaks a limb, you don’t really have to shoot him. I don’t really remember where we got this faulty information, but I’m pretty sure it was from a trusted source. So some of you may have noticed last week that Mikey was still drumming for us, and that’s really because not only was Matt recovering from hand surgery, but he also had a devastating gunshot wound…almost bled out. So thanks Mike for filling in for our sissy… I mean, drummer. Next time you see us, we should have a hardened gangsta back in the band. Don’t be surprised if you see him playing shows in kevlar…and carrying a shiv…and a ninjy throwin’ star.

We do have some shows coming up, and we hope to have a few more around them, so keep your eyes and ears open. And we’re finally playing a Memphis show, so I’ll definitely be turning off my cell phone that day (just kidding family and friends). But it’s on July 4th, and Phil is gonna shoot fireworks off from the stage, along with Roman candles attached to the drums (real expensive pyro we’re doing), so how can you miss that?!

I really don’t like the Lakers. And I thought I was gonna “witness” a championship… wtf.

And hooray for NCAA allegations for my school! 🙁